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Essential Chinese Cookbook

The Essential Chinese Cookbook

The title of this book expresses the intend and purpose for which it was written. You will find that the key to great Chinese cooking lies in learning to enjoy yourself foremost and letting everything else follow.

As Chinese cooking has global appeal; it is also one of the most varied of world cuisines. Featuring over 50 tried and tested recipes, carefully selected to reflect the best of each country’s culinary regions, The Essential Chinese Cookbook is the indispensable, practical guide to the mouthwatering masterpieces of China’s unique culinary tradition in all their subtle delicacy.

From soups to main course, you’ll find all the ingredients to make any Chinese meal you prepare a truly memorable success. You will be shown exactly how to master the various skills involved in preparing Chinese food, with clearly presented recipes, with full ingredient listings, quantity and preparations guidelines and serving suggestions – all designed to help you make the most of your food.

The result is a colorful and above all authentic treasure of culinary delights that will inspire you to create meals that will delight both your family and friends.

As you gain proficiency and personal confidence in Chinese cooking, you will find that this ebook is helpful in adapting various recipes to your own personal tastes and experimenting with different ingredients to achieve a desired result.

Furthermore, it is a value for money as there are more than 50 different recipes in the ebook which works out to be only less than US$0.20 per recipe.

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Irregardless of what time it is right now. Once you order and your purchase has been approved, you will be directed to our download page to download the ebook immediately. And the wonderful part is that the delivery of this ebook is entirely electronic! So you don't have to wait for days or weeks for your ebook to arrive at your doorstep as it is compiled in a PDF formatted file.

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