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Equivalents or Substitutes

Most culinary terms in the English speaking world can cross national borders without creating havoc in the kitchen. However local usage can produce some confusions. Just as Americans ride in elevators and walk on sideways, Australian take lifts  and walk on footpath or pavements. So there are also some differences in cookery usage. The following list includes names of ingredients and cookery terms for both Australians and Americans.


Australian American   Australian American
absorbent paper paper  towels   jewfish halibut
almond essence almond extract   John Dory Porgy, scup
baking powder double-acting baking powder   king prawns jumbo shrimps, scampi
baking  tray baking sheet   kitchen paper paper towels
bicarbonate  of soda baking soda   mince / minced (meat) ground
belly pork fresh pork side   okra gumbo, ladies' fingers
biscuits cookies   papaw, pawpaw papaya
boiling chicken / fowl stewing chicken   pastry pie crust
bonito skipjack, bone jack, horse mackerel   peperoni preserved sweet peppers
bream sole   pinch (of salt) dash
cake tin cake / baking pan   plain flour all-purpose flour
capsicums sweet or bell peppers   pork fat fat back
caster sugar fine granulated sugar   prawns shrimps
celery stick celery rib   rasher (of bacon) slice
chicory Belgian witloof   rock melon cantaloupe
choko chayote, christophenes   rose essence rose extract
chuck steak round steak, stewing steak   rump steak sirloin
chump (lamb) leg steak   Scotch fillet sirloin
cornflour cornstarch   semolina farina
crumpets British crumpets   (to) shell (to) shuck, hull
curly endive chicory   shin (of meat) shank
cutlets chops   sieve strain / strainer
desiccated coconut shredded coconut   (to) sift (to) strain
essence extract   silver beet Swiss chard
eggplant eggplant, aubergine   skirt steak flank steak
fillet (of meat) tenderloin   snapper, schnapper sea bass
frying pan skillet   snow peas sugar peas
grace (fruits) candied   spring onions scallions, green onions
gravy beef stew beef   stock cubes bouillon cubes
greaseproof paper wax paper   stone, seed, pip pit
green  prawns raw shrimps   sultanas seedless raisins
grill / griller broil / broiler   tailor blue fish, snapping mackerel
groper salmon tea towels dish towel,  glass  cloth
ground rice rice  flour   tomato sauce tomato catsup
hard-boiled egg hard-cooked egg   vanilla pod vanilla bean
icing sugar confectioners' sugar   (to) whisk (to) whip, beat

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