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Ginger Crabs Recipe

Ingredients :



4-6 slices

2 tablespoons

1 tablespoon

2 tablespoons

1 tablespoon

1 tablespoon

4 tablespoons

Crab, about 450 g

Spring onions (scallions), finely chopped

Ginger root, peeled and finely chopped

Rice wine or dry sherry


Soy sauce




Greens to garnish

Method :
  • Separate the legs and claws of the crabs.

  • If the crabs are large, break the body into two or three pieces.

  • Heat up the oil and fry the crab pieces until golden.

  • Remove and drain.

  • Toss in the finely chopped onions and ginger root in what is left of the oil in the wok.

  • Add soy sauce, sugar, rice wine or sherry and vinegar.

  • Thicken with cornflour mixed with a little cold water.

  • Then return the crab pieces to be coated by this sauce.

  • Blend well and serve.


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