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Recipes of Philippines

The 7000 islands of the Philippines owe much of their exciting cuisine to the sea that surrounds them. An abundance of fresh fish is hauled to shore daily in wooden outriggers and cooked in clay pots; Chinese merchants arriving by sea brought spring rolls and sticky noodles; while the Spanish, who colonized and later named the islands after their king, introduced foods such as spicy chorizo and empanadas. Filipino cooking often has a tart sharpness, with its meats and fish being marinated in vinegar or citrus fruit.

  1. Beef Pot Roast

  2. Chicken with Black Peppercorns

  3. Combination Noodles with Chorizo

  4. Empanadas

  5. Ginger Fish and Black Pepper

  6. Oxtail Stew

  7. Shrimp Fritters

  8. Shrimps in Coconut

  9. Rice with Chicken and Seafood

  10. Sour Pork and Beef Soup



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