Thai Recipes

Recipes from Thailand

Every Thai meal is a delicate balancing act of bold flavors. The soups and curries are both tart and creamy sweet, flavored with sour tamarind, scarlet-hot chilies, tangy lime leaves and handfuls of aromatic basil, coriander and mint. While the cooking of Thailand has borrowed from other countries, stir-fried and steamed dishes from China, spices from India - these influences have been shaped into a cuisine whose taste and fragrances are uniquely Thai.

  1. Green Chicken Curry

  2. Golden Prawn Puffs

  3. Red Curry Paste

  4. Red Vegetable Curry

  5. Thai Curry Noodle

  6. Tom Kha Gai (chicken and galangal soup)

  7. Tom Yam Soup

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