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Frequent Asked Questions



This page should answer just about any question you may have regarding our website, services and products.


If you cannot find your question answered here, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Questions -



1)   To read these recipes, do I need any special reader or software?


Answer :

No, it is in a PDF format. All it requires is a computer with the freely available Acrobat Reader software which can be downloaded here if required.



2)   Can I print these recipes? Top


Answer :

Yes, it can always be printed out like a normal ordinary documents.



3)   Are there any non-Asian recipes available in this website? Top


Answer :

No, as the name suggests. Only Asian recipes are featured here. However, you can still get non Asian recipes & cooking tips from our link partners. To view our list of  link partners, click here.



4)   What do I get if I sign up for the free subscription? Top


Answer :

You will be getting a 20 weeks mini series on Asian Home Recipes and Cooking Tips sent

to you via email on every Friday.


5)   What if I would like to recommend my friends to your e-zine? Top


Answer :

Ask your friends to either send a blank email to or visit our website and register from there.



6)   Can I unsubscribe from the mailing list later? Top


Answer :

Yes, there are 2 ways that you can unsubscribe yourself from the list. You can either click on the unsubscribe link at the end of every e-zine that we sent out via email or you can also send an email to the  with the subject unsubscribe.



7) After unsubscribing from the mailing list, how long does it takes for my email id to be removed? Top


Answer :

Once we have received your notification to unsubscribe, your email will be removed immediately and you will not be receiving anymore e-zines from us.



8)   I am interested to purchase your compilations of recipe e-books. How do I go about it? Top


Answer :

Just click on the button "Buy Now" at the respective e-books and you'll be transferred to our payment system for your payment process.



9)   What  credit cards do you currently accept? Top


Answer :

We currently accept Visa,  MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Diners Club and JCB.



10)  Do you accept checks for payment? Top


Answer :

No, we only accept credit cards at the moment.



11)  How long does it takes for an order to be processed, and what is the sequence of events that occurs after an order is placed? Top


Answer :

When you make a purchase, the dollar value of the purchase is immediately charged against your credit card and a confirmation of the sale is sent to you.



12)  After my order has been processed, how long does it takes before I could get my product? Top


Answer :

You can immediately download your recipe e-book. A link to the e-book will be provided to you, both on the screen as well as an email sent to you. However please note that you will be given 24 hours to download, failing which the link will not be valid anymore. In the event, if you need to extend the period, please send an email to



13)  If I have problems trying to download the e-book, who do I contact? Top


Answer :

Please contact



14)  What type of format does these e-books support? Top


Answer :

These e-books are formatted for Windows users only. Sorry that Mac or WebTV version is not available.


15)   I am interested to link to your website, how do I go about it? Top


Answer :

If you are interested to link up your website with ours, please visit  our Link Exchange Program for  more  details. 



16)  What benefits do I get for participating  in your Link Exchange Program?  Top


Answer :

Link Exchange Programs are a great  way of promoting a website. Fact is, the more links your site has out in the cyberspace, the better your site's chances of being placed in high position in a search conducted by most of the major search engines. It is a mutual benefit program.

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