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Burmese Balachaung Recipe

Ingredients :

20 cloves


2 cups

1 X 250 g

2 teaspoons

2 teaspoons

1 teaspoons

1/2 cup


Medium onions, finely sliced

Peanut oil

Packet of shrimp powder

Chili powder


Dried shrimp paste


Method :
  • Peel garlic and cut into thin slices.

  • Cut onions into thin slices.

  • Heat oil and fry onion and garlic separately on low heat until golden.

  • Lift out immediately and set aside.

  • They will become crisp and darken as they cool.

  • In the same oil, fry shrimp powder for 5 minutes.

  • Add chili powder, salt and shrimp paste mixed with vinegar.

  • Stir well and fry until crisp.

  • Allow to cool completely.

  • Mix in fried onion and garlic.

  • Stir to distribute evenly.

  • Store in an airtight jar.

Note : Balachaung is a preparation of fried dry shrimp served as an accompaniment to rice, and is perhaps the most popular of all Burmese accompaniments. It will keep for weeks.


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