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Cauliflower Steamed with Wine Recipe

Ingredients :


1 teaspoon

1 tablespoon

1 tablespoon

1 cube

Medium-sized cauliflower


Rice wine or dry sherry

Sesame seed oil

Fermented red bean curd

Method :
  • When choosing cauliflower, make sure the leaves that curl round the flower are bright green and not withered.

  • Bright leaves show that the cauliflower is fresh.

  • Wash the cauliflower well under the cold water tap, trim off the hard root and discard the tough outer leaves.

  • Keep a few of the tender leaves on as they add to the color and flavor.

  • Place the cauliflower in a snugly fitting bowl.

  • Mix salt, wine and sesame seed oil and pour them evenly over the cauliflower, covering its entire surface.

  • Place the bowl in a steamer and cook over high heat for 10-15 minutes.

  • To serve, remove bowl from the steamer.

  • Crush the fermented red bean curd with a little sauce and pour it over the cauliflower.

  • you should be able to break the cauliflower into florets either with a spoon or a pair of chopsticks.

  • Serve hot.


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