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Chinese Recipes

Meats and vegetables are used in endless variety of ways in Chinese cuisine to create fabulous dishes in perfect balance. In the south, the Cantonese uses abundant of natural ingredients, steamed or stir-fried over high heat and flavored with just a little soy sauce, ginger or spring onion. Peking features the wonderful hotpots, dumplings and the famous Peking duck. Szechwan food is flavored with vibrant chilies and spices, while in Shanghai, ingredients are braised slowly to create a rich meat and fish dishes.

 Recipes from China

  1. Abalone and Mushrooms

  2. Abalone with Lettuce

  3. Asparagus with Crab Meat

  4. Beef with Mandarin

  5. Braised Beef Fillet

  6. Braised Carp

  7. Braised Duck

  8. Braised Mussels

  9. Braised Prawns

  10. Cantonese Lemon Chicken

  11. Carp in Sweet and Sour Sauce

  12. Chicken and Shrimps

  13. Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup

  14. Chicken Steamed with Dried Mushrooms

  15. Chicken with Chinese Wine

  16. Chicken with Tangerine Peel

  17. Chinese Crispy Duck

  18. Chinese Fried Noodles

  19. Chinese Fried Rice

  20. Chinese Meatballs

  21. Chinese Peking Duck

  22. Chinese Roast Pork

  23. Clay Pot Crab

  24. Crab Meat Balls

  25. Crab Meat Fu Yung Style

  26. Crab with Peppers

  27. Crispy and Spicy Pork

  28. Deep Fried Crispy Duck

  29. Deep Fried Duck

  30. Deep Fried Pig's Shoulder

  31. Deep Fried Shrimps

  32. Deep Fried Sweet and Sour Fish

  33. Egg and Oyster

  34. Egg Noodles Soup

  35. Fish and Bean Curd

  36. Fish Fillet with Celery Heart

  37. Fish Head Clay Pot

  38. Fish in Chili Sauce

  39. Fish Soup with Herbs

  40. Fish Steaks with Dried Mushrooms

  41. Five Spice Roast Goose

  42. Fried Crispy Crab

  43. Fried Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce

  44. Fried Fish with Vegetables

  45. Fried Oysters with Ginger

  46. Ginger Crabs

  47. Hot and Sour Pork

  48. Ja Chiang Mein

  49. Kidneys with Dried Mushrooms

  50. Kung Pao Chicken

  1. Lamb Fillet with Spring Onions

  2. Minced Beef and Mushrooms

  3. Noodles with Dried Prawns

  4. Prawn Omelets with Oyster Sauce

  5. Red Cooked Sea Bass

  6. Roasted Duck with Scallops

  7. Salt and Pepper Prawns

  8. Salted Duckling and Lime Soup

  9. Salted Pigeon

  10. Sautéed Abalone with Oyster Sauce

  11. Scallops with Salted Black Bean

  12. Shrimps with Wine

  13. Shrimps with Rice Wine

  14. Sichuan Stir-Fried Lobster

  15. Spicy Spare Ribs

  16. Spare Ribs in Sweet and Sour Sauce

  17. Squid with Deep-Fried Prawn Balls

  18. Steamed Carp with Ham

  19. Steamed Scallop with Shredded Ginger

  20. Steamed Sea Bass

  21. Steamed Sea Bass with Black Mushrooms

  22. Stewed Beef with Wine

  23. Stewed Ham Casseroles

  24. Stir-Fried Beef Steak

  25. Stir-Fried Beef Steak with Broccoli

  26. Stir-Fried Green and Red Capsicum

  27. Stir-Fried Prawns with Leeks

  28. Stir-Fried Rump Steak

  29. Stuffed Green Capsicum

  30. Sweet and Sour Lamb

  31. Sweet and Sour Prawns

  32. Szechwan Steamed Lobster

  33. Szechwan Stir-Fried Prawns

  34. Tung Po Stewed Mutton

  35. Won Ton Soup


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