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Indonesian Recipes

Rich and varied, the reflection of Indonesian cuisine which have shaped the country's history. Indonesian cooking combines the spicy flavors of chilies, herbs and other aromatic seasonings with the sweetness of fresh coconut, palm sugar and peanuts, and the sourness of limes, lemon grass and tamarind. Meals are often served with small bowls of sambal, spicy relishes made from combinations of coconut, chili and shrimp paste.

 Recipes from Indonesia

  1. Baked Lemon Chickens

  2. Beef Fillet in Coconut

  3. Beef Steak with Spice

  4. Deep Fried Spiced Tofu

  5. Deep Fried Spicy Fish

  6. Fish Baked in Banana Leaves

  7. Nasi Goreng

  8. Pineapple Curry

  9. Sambal Ulek

  10. Sambal Seasoning



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