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Sri Lankan Recipes

Despite its size, this tiny, beautiful island has an amazing variety of food and cooking styles. Traders and conquerors have left their gastronomic mark, but there is also a huge range of distinctive indigenous dishes. In most Sri Lankan households, the main meal will be rice with one or two curries, soup, vegetables and a selection of sambols. Popular breakfast foods include crispy coconut and rice-flour pancakes called 'hoppers'.

 Recipes from Sri Lanka

  1. Cashew Nut Curry

  2. Chicken Omelets with Coconut Gravy

  3. Dry Fried Prawns

  4. Fish Curry

  5. Fish Curry with Spices

  6. Fish Koftas

  7. Fish with Flaked Coconut

  8. Fried Spicy Squid

  9. Frikkadels

  10. Hot and Spicy Seafood

  11. Lamb with Palm Sugar

  12. Lentils with Spices

  13. Prawns with Coriander

  14. Red Prawn Curry

  15. Simmered Beef in Coconut Gravy

  16. Sour Fish Curry

  17. Spicy Crab

  18. Spicy Grilled Fish

  19. Sri Lankan Pork Curry

  20. Sri Lankan Vegetable Curry

  21. Tamarind Fish

  22. Tamarind Fish Curry

  23. Turmeric Fish Curry



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