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Indian & Pakistani Recipes

At the heart of Indian and Pakistani cooking are its spices which are ground up to produce masalas, aromatic blends created freshly for each different dish. The variety of food reflects the religious, cultural and geographic diversity of the sub-continent itself. In Pakistan and northern India, the cooking is meat based e.g. curries, tikkas and koftas mopped up with fresh breads. The dishes of the sough are predominantly vegetarian, spicy-hot and bursting with color. Special dishes are prepared for religious or cultural events, from a festive pan of biryani, flavored with fragrant saffron, to coconut sweets, served up at weddings and other celebrations.

 Recipes from India & Pakistan

  1. Aubergine Puree

  2. Banana Leaf Steamed Fish

  3. Barbecued Chicken Wings

  4. Barbecued Lemon Chicken

  5. Chapatis

  6. Chicken Curry with Cashews

  7. Chicken Curry with Yoghurt

  8. Chicken in Spices and Yoghurt

  9. Chicken Liver Curry

  10. Chicken Tikka

  11. Chili Lamb with Onions

  12. Coconut Milk Gravy with Eggs

  13. Coconut Milk Prawns

  14. Curried Pea Pods

  15. Dhal

  16. Dry Chicken Curry

  17. Dry Curried Beans

  18. Dry Fried Beans with Spices

  19. Dry Pea and Potato Curry

  20. Dry Pea Curry with Potato

  21. Dry Potato and Pea Curry

  22. Fish and Tomato Curry

  23. Fish in Coconut Milk

  24. Fried Beans with Spice

  25. Fried Cabbage with Spices

  26. Fried Fish Fillets

  27. Fried Leeks with Spices

  28. Fried Okra with Spice

  29. Fried Potatoes with Mustard Seeds

  30. Fried Spinach with Spice

  31. Garam Masala

  32. Green Garam Masala

  33. Grilled Masala Chicken

  34. Hard Boiled Egg Curry

  35. Hot Lentil Soup

  36. Indian Fish Curry

  37. Indian Grilled Fish

  38. Indian Prawn Curry

  39. Indian Spicy Rice

  40. Lamb Kofta

  41. Lentil Bhuja Casserole

  42. Lentils and Savory Rice

  43. Madras Curry

  44. Marrow Puree

  45. Meat Curry with Potato

  46. Meat Kebab Curry

  47. Meatballs and Eggs

  48. Meatballs Curry

  49. Minced Meat Curry with Split Peas

  50. Minced Meat Peas

  51. Mixed Fried Vegetables

  52. Mushroom and Leeks Curry

  53. Mutton Curry

  54. Naan

  55. Onion Bhaji

  56. Parathas with Cauliflower

  57. Peas and Minced Meat

  58. Peas, Potatoes and Mushrooms Curry

  59. Pork Vindaloo

  60. Pork Vindaloo with Spices

  1. Potato Puris

  2. Potatoes with Peas

  3. Prawns in Coconut Milk

  4. Prawn Fritters

  5. Rice and Spicy Prawns

  6. Rice and Vegetables

  7. Rice with Green Peas

  8. Roast Leg of Lamb

  9. Saffron Chicken

  10. Saffron Chicken Pilau

  11. Saffron Lemon Pilau

  12. Savory Rice

  13. Skewered Minced Meat

  14. Spiced Mutton Curry

  15. Spiced Mutton Kebab

  16. Spiced Scrambled Eggs

  17. Spicy Aubergine with Yoghurt

  18. Spicy Baked Fish

  19. Spicy Chickpea Curry

  20. Spicy Duck

  21. Spicy Duck Curry

  22. Spicy Fried Chicken

  23. Spicy Fried Fish

  24. Spicy Lamb Chops

  25. Spicy Lamb with Saffron

  26. Spicy Lamb with Yoghurt

  27. Spicy Lentil Soup

  28. Spicy Okra Curry

  29. Spicy Potato

  30. Spicy Rice Cooked in Stock

  31. Spicy Roast Chicken

  32. Spicy Tandoori Chicken

  33. Steamed Mussels with Spice

  34. Tamarind Fish Curry

  35. Tandoori Chicken

  36. Vegetable Korma

  37. Yoghurt Lamb


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